Future Learning Spaces/Learning in the ASIAN CENTURY

There is a conference in May 2014 in Malaysia: 

"Leadership and Learning in the Asian Century", co-hosted by the Universiti Sains Malaysia and co-organized by me (through ELLTA`s platform: www.ellta.org).

ELLTA Conference 2014 invites perspectives and insights on ‘Leadership’ and `Learning’ in the ‘Asian Century` – analyzing not only the past and present, but also anticipating the FUTURE OF LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING IN/ FOR ASIA.

With the unprecedented and continuous rise of Asia in the 21st century, the global dynamics have changed altogether: the Asian Tigers are emerging as the lead players on the international field. The phenomenon, of course, is intriguing, and invites a closer look at and a deeper analysis of the reasons explaining it, its implications and impact, not just for Asia, but for countries outside of Asia to reposition in order to take maximum advantage of the opportunity that the ‘Asian Century’ presents.  

ISSN: 2146-3328